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The brand’s name comes from the greek word ἑνωτικόν (henotikon), meaning an act of union of different beliefs. It stands as a metaphor for blending practices of various schools of thought, as well as how eclectism occurs commonly in expressions of arts and culture.

The concepts adapt from collection to collection and are not offered the same as regular seasonal men’s and women’s collections. They come with the vibe, when a vision is conceived in an inspirational and creative state of mind. Our work is authentic rather than completely original, being inspired by artists we greatly admire. We believe that we should look up to them and build ourself upon them.

Our creative and production process is longer than usual, on account of the small team behind it and the time we take for small details that enhance the garment’s essence. It is vital to remember that in the aftermath of an idea it’s the execution that matters. To conclude, our main goal remains to make people feel the hand of the creator in each piece.

Streetwear label rooted in Bucharest, Romania. Blending practices of various schools of thought.
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